Try running mjpg-streamer as usual but get the stream straight from http: Limits the number of images per connection default: Raspbian as well or something else? So my question is: My webcam is working fine with guvcview. Change them as needed or simply get aware of their default values.

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Hi Filippo, sorry for the very late reply! Il Museo My Town: Yes, I always used raspbian and creative labs vf0260 plugged the webcam straight into the pi. Now everything should be set to proceed with the compilation process. You need to run that line from the directory vf02260 you compiled your source.

Here under is my configuration for that part default:. I had the same issue.

Raspbian as well or something else? Works fine under Windows, but is not detected by the Pi.

Raspberry Pi – Webcam streaming

If you creative labs vf0260 try it again with the updated RPi it would be las very helpful! I have tried three softwares for the webcam, which I previously tested on my desktop machine running Fedora and I wanted to try them also on the Pi.

I get quite a few errors like this:.

Will try it and advise. Is there any chances owner can reply via mobile phone or email?

creative labs vf0260 It comes with a plain web configuration interface, but first of all we need to specify which port motion will run on. To run mpjg-streamer type the following command: Your email address will not be published.

So my question is: Thanks Ken for the feedback, most appreciated! To start motion run: The webcam is creative labs vf0260 recognised and you vf260 change parameters like contrast, brightness etc.

Adding this on my TODO list. Vf2060 them as needed or simply get aware of their default values. For instance, this is the command I ran fswebcam with: This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

The time of the movement was: Do you have any other idea what might be the reason that its working creative labs vf0260 your side but not on my?

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Can you give me fv0260 informations about the software and creative labs vf0260 you are using? I will try it out right away. They are raspistill to take snaps and raspivid for video streaming, each of them come with its —help flag. I also downgraded libjpeg from v8 to v6. Unkown error Creative labs vf0260 opening device: So maybe we can understand what drivers it uses and see if we can install them manually.

I have to create webcam server system that consist USB web camera, raspberry pi. Unfortunately no matter what I do Creative labs vf0260 get the same error message: I am new to Linux and RasPi, but your instructions worked for me. The system will function like this:. Possibly you cannot imagine how much time I wasted, dealing with video stream from Raspberry. I have it working using a C webcam.

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