I have the identical problem. Also I noticed that while I was turning it around looking at the usb ports etc unplugged and blacked out screen that it seems to reboot everytime I shake it. And even I have my battery warning settings turned OFF, that doggone orange light still blinks. If you have this problem: I first checked the breaker on my surge protector and indeed it was tripped. December 15, at 9: Visually inspect the MB if it looks real good no discoloration, melted solder, fried components, etc.

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Was running it on the AC power alone and got the flashing lights.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

Safe bet all these things point to a power supply issue. So I read about the cintroller of the surge protector or trying a different wall outlet and that new trick brought me success…I beat the darn blinking light for the second time! The moral of the story: The two powered devices I have are external hard drive and a Realtors key card for lockboxes.

What can I do? I wrote a guide explaining what to look for dell e521 sm bus controller how to do it.

February 26, at 8: List of items to check from my experiences 1 Visual check — Look at all the capacitors on the motherboard. Taking out the battery, waiting for 15 minutes solves the problem, I just have to setup the bios.

I had the orange light blues too. The Blinking Amber Light of Death is a documented problem.

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My friend dropped of hic computer and whenI saw USB, sure enough both front usb plugs were jacked up. August 24, at 9: After encountering the dreaded Dell flashing yellow light i was greatly relieved to find this little oasis of useful information. The technician can find this using your service tag number. Once removed the computer would boot up fine. If you get blinky orange light, the first thing to test is the dell e521 sm bus controller supply.

Processor Speed — sell. But when i plug in the power cord to the psu, a steady amber light comes on and sell. Like I bought a brand new power dell e521 sm bus controller thats exactly the same as the original.

I will comtroller scour the Internet for a new fan. Blinky orange power light on the mother board or power button is the power supply. But when I removed battery and plug charger it working fine, but there is no any light flash status indicator. I have a variation on this with a DELL Please can some one help? Dell e521 sm bus controller for the info. The hard drive is good as well. Thanks for all the advice. March 4, at 5: I clntroller following you advice for an amber light.

Margo, Mine is also Dell. It was finally the Power Supply which died. I had the orange blinking light and no lights came up at dell e521 sm bus controller back ABCD status indicator. September 29, at 1: Hi, I have a dell gx with the same dell e521 sm bus controller, the orange power light is blinking I did everything but still the power light is del blinking until I get the power supply then switch the volts in then there is a short circuit happened.

Thanks for all help you probable saved me countless hours of time with tech support. No fuses in this one — PSU has a circuit breaker on the outside. Your email address will contro,ler be published. September 10, at I posted the Powered USB trick previously. March 20, at 4:

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