Upgrading Your Computer Remove the cables from the cable clip on the bottom of the case. Page 78 Chapter 5: Click to select the types of files you want to delete, then click OK. Accessing the online User Guide This screw cannot be removed. Page Manually creating a restore point To manually create a restore point:

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Emachines Contact Information, Emachines t3642 xp Certificate Of Authenticity The label on the top of your computer contains information that identifies your computer model and serial number. This process may take hours to complete, depending on the size of the drive being defragmented.

Setting Up and Getting Starte F2 while your computer restarts. Make sure that all settings are correct. Each program uses different function keys for different purposes.

Important If you have recently reinstalled Windows or installed a new hard drive, and your Start emachines t3642 xp does not contain eMachines Recovery Emachines t3642 xp as an option, you must recover your software and drivers emchines software and driver recovery discs you have emachinds. Click the Diagnostic tab, then click Query Modem.

EMachines T3646 Reference Manual

See the program documentation to find out more about t342 function key actions. Enter the information for your area, then click OK. Press firmly on the emachines t3642 xp left emachines t3642 xp lower right parts of the color panel to release the panel from the front bezel. Maintenance task Check for viruses Run Windows Update Manage hard drive t6342 Clean up hard drives Scan hard drive for errors Defragment hard drive Back up files Clean computer case and Got it, continue to print.

Page The label on the side of your computer case contains information that identifies your computer model and serial number. Upgrading Your Computer Locate the old battery on the system board and note its orientation.


Telephone Support, Before Calling Customer Care If you have recently installed hardware or software, make sure that emachines t3642 xp have installed emacyines according to the instructions provided with it. Emachinss The Case, Replacing The Front Bezel Swing the left side of the bezel in to insert the release tabs on the left side of the bezel into the slots on the left side of the computer.

Remove the media emachines t3642 xp from emachlnes computer. Click then click Shut Down. Your computer has one or more of the following ports: Loosen the four captive screws that secure the heat sink and fan assembly to the system board, then remove the assembly and place it on a stable surface with the flat surface emachines t3642 xp the heat sink the side with the thermal grease up.

For all other computer information, see your online User Guide. Click the Dialing Rules tab, click the location from which you are dialing, then click Edit. Maintaining Your Computer Click Defragment now. Page Appendix A: Self-help The printed or online emachines t3642 xp that came with your hardware or software.

Cleaning The Keyboard, Cleaning The Monitor, Cleaning The Mouse If the mouse pointer begins moving erratically across the computer screen or becomes difficult to control precisely, cleaning the mouse will likely improve its accuracy. Waking Up Your Computer, Turning Off Your Computer Although it does not turn your computer completely off, it does turn off or slow down most dmachines operations to save power. Page 24 Chapter 3: Emachines t3642 xp the cables of the new media panel through the hole ejachines the front of the case, then slide the new media panel into place.

In many cases, additional product information and emachines t3642 xp documentation for eMachines-supplied hardware emachines t3642 xp be found in our Web site’s Documentation Library.

Warning Never open your computer case while your computer is turned on and while the modem cable, network cable, and power cord are connected. Ethernet network jack Audio input Line in jack blue plug Modem jack emachines t3642 xp www. This screw cannot be removed. The label on the side of your computer case contains information that identifies your computer model and serial number.

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