I am experiencing an intermittent lockup which displays horizontal lines requiring a hard shutdown and reboot to clear. I mean when i switch on the start button, the power disapear. They indicated that they replaced a system board and I have 90 more days of warranty after the repair. Got my Laptop repaired after the warranty was up free of charge! Are my fears about vista and these hardware melddowns ungrounded?

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Shortly after the end of my warranty dvcentrino duo I had a hibernation cycle problem; as a result I had to get our IT guy to re-install XP and old programs.

Less than four months after his computer was returned, but after the warranty period expired, the display went black again. Hey having problems with my wireless network well once it was working at my house then i went to a friends house then paavilion connected there had to enter a password to enter the internet and now ive come back hl hp pavilion dv9930us to connect to the internet hp pavilion dv9930us it wont connect i have removed my friends connection and i double click hp pavilion dv9930us connect but it just comes up saying dignose problem but the preoblem is aswell my sisters laptop still connects but mine dosent to the net if anybody could please help me that could be so kind thx.

Press the Power button to turn on the computer. Happened 6 times wit this message alone. BY Monday it was back at my doorstep!! I decided to try Live Chat first.

And just now today i tryed turning it on and the screen remains black. Backup all your files first, then restart and while booting when the Hp pavilion dv9930us logo shows press F10 hp pavilion dv9930us enter factory restore. When I mentioned the lemon law to him, he instructed me to fax my legal paperwork to him atEric Butcher. But the laptop seems to be coming up otherwise fine…. The power light comes on when the adapter is plugged in, but only for 30 second.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

To complicate matters I live in Japan and the computer was bought in the US and as such their World Wide hp pavilion dv9930us is just BS even though that paviloon one of the reasons I bought their product, to get service for it here in Japan.

Oh, and for hp pavilion dv9930us out there wondering just what the problem is: It should then attempt to reinstall your Audio. I even let it run for a couple hours, and it made no progress.

I found the following on the web, which worked, and may work for other HP notebooks. The laptop shuts down at least once every days now and I have to sit there for literally an hour taking the battery in and out for it to finally start up again.

I have to always plug it in to an external speaker. Thanks for your hp pavilion dv9930us Does hp pavilion dv9930us know anything about battery trouble? Call HP and explain your problem. So I opted to call HP again. So now that you know I Have windows xp and it is a business upgrade what say you Matt?

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

DC Jacks by Type. When I bought the laptop, I hp pavilion dv9930us the volume was low even when it was turned all the way up. In Order you must replace the accu and the chip or only the chip. So now, they hp pavilion dv9930us sending a box and will let me know how much I owe them when they hp pavilion dv9930us assessing the damage. From what I have read on this site, a few of you have sent yours in and received them back in record time.

I responded that the symptom was fixed but that I did not think that the cause was. Also my sound stopped working. I sent it in for repairs 2 times and instead of repairing the laptop… HP simply replaced the defective system board with an identical system board.

O Should I praise myself happy, or should I expect the worse case scenario? I first bought the thing in summeras the price was excellent, hp pavilion dv9930us it had more hp pavilion dv9930us adequate features and power.

HP announced today that there may be hardware issues with some not all with their HP Pavilion dv and dv, and their Compaq v series notebooks. Ok, my HPdvca has the same problem, but it started last Aug.

This laptop runs pretty hot, especially when watching a movie. After calling these stores, Hp pavilion dv9930us found that they are backed up with other diagnostics. First device manager lost the W-LAN adapter. Got my Laptop repaired after the warranty was up free of charge! I tried F10 while rebooting, it takes me to some dos screen. Power pavlion repair also known as socket input port connector receptacle replacement dc in fix.

Repair Shop Bulk Lots. The thing is, after all this, i still love my laptop and would love to have it back in one piece, or better still, get my hands on one of those DVX machines.

To do a full system recovery, just hit the F10 key while booting. Extremely frustrated with HP customer Service. HP has permanently lost me as a customer. I explained the problem to the guy who answered hp pavilion dv9930us actually spoke Jp So, I encourage anyone having problems to call HP. Today, Hp pavilion dv9930us had to reset hp pavilion dv9930us memory and the hard drive…now nothing happens at all when I attempt to start the computer.

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