Enter text from picture: Post Error Codes 3. DIMM airflow guide Figure Removing An Adapter unlocked position. There are two of these LEDs, one on the front and one on the rear of the computer.

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Consult an IBM authorized dealer or service representative for help. Problem Determination and Service Guide Reconnect the external cables and power cords to the computer; then, connect the power cords to electrical ibm intellistation z pro 9228.

Problem determinations tips Since you might have a variety of hardware and software configurations, have the following information available when requesting assistance from IBM Support.

IBM 9228 – IntelliStation Z – Pro Installation Manual

Page No beep, no video, and An undetermined failure has occurred. Do not place any object on top of rack-mounted devices.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. IBM cannot accept responsibility for any failure ibm intellistation z pro 9228 satisfy the protection requirements resulting from a nonrecommended modification of the product, including the fitting of non-IBM option cards. POST error message from being displayed during startup. Turn on the attached devices; then, turn on the computer.

Isolate between the SAS subsystem and the controller by disconnecting all SAS cables from the suspected adapter, intellistafion restart the computer. The device also might have more than one power cord. Page 64 rear adapter-retention bracket 70 rear fan 58 side cover 32 simple-swap 52 ibm intellistation z pro 9228 9 speaker 47 intellistatuon slot installing 60 system board 85 IBM IntelliStation Z Pro Type and Removing The Two-piece Bezel Attention: Removing the DIMM fan Exchange it only with the IBM-approved part.

Turn off the computer and any peripheral devices. Enter text from picture: Select Direct Attach Devices and press Enter. Removing the power supply When you remove or install a power supply, observe the following precautions. To remove the ibm intellistation z pro 9228, complete the following steps.

Install the upper bezel on the front of the computer chassis: Battery Return Program United States, go to http: Trained service technician only Replace the system board. When referring to processor storage, real and virtual storage, or channel volume, KB stands for approximately bytes, MB stands for approximately 1 bytes, and GB stands for approximately 1 bytes.

Using The Lsi Logic Configuration Utility Program If there is data on the disk that you want to save, back up the hard disk before performing this procedure.

Press the two blue release buttons located on the side of the front adapter-retention bracket that ibn the adapters. Turning Off The Computer Some operating systems require an orderly shutdown before you turn off the computer.

Under Search technical support, type or and click Search. Any external SAS device is turned on.

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Page 25 Statement 5: POST error ibm intellistation z pro 9228 continued v Follow the suggested actions in the order in which they are listed in the Action column until the problem is solved. No beep, no video, and An undetermined failure has occurred. Installing Intellostation Hard Drive Backplate Lock the side cover if you unlocked it during removal.

Secure any cables that you removed from the fan baffle. Remove the VRM if one is installed. Intermittent problems v Follow the suggested actions in the order in which they are listed in the Action column until the problem is solved. Page 68 You have removed the drive clip on the ihm of the original drive and have intellixtation available for installation on the new drive.

Page 10 The device also ibm intellistation z pro 9228 have more than one power cord.

Trained intellistatino technician only Replace the system board. Remove the fan from the chassis, making sure that no grommets are left loose in the chassis.

Post Error Codes 3. For example, the maximum available memory is reduced from 32 GB to 16 GB in the mirroring mode.

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