You will immediately have full analog functionality, which can be verified in the Game Controller control panel:. The driver from MotionInJoy. November 4, at 3: I did everything right and got my controller to work. I go onto the start menu and then I have no idea. July 27, at 9: When i rebbot fot the first time, i dont see any USB instalation options in Start Menu nor do i see Bluetooth instalation options.

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As far as I know, there are no disadvantages in doing so.

October 9, at 3: April 3, at 2: July 3, at 4: Estos fueron los pasos que yo segui y todo me funciona a la perfeccion, lo e testeado con emuladores de todo tipo y no tengo problemas, gracias a Carl Nelson por su post y a r2rx por su comentario tan valioso.

October 8, at 3: All that is happening is the 4 lights are flashing on the controller. You like pretending this works to trick all the others? August 1, at 5: September 30, at January 27, at motioninjoy playstation 3 xbox 360 dualshock 3 sixaxis game So now how do u get the ps3 controler and other usb devices working togather O.

February 10, at 6: I got the same problem as spartacus December 16, at July 27, at May 24, at But there is no list.

Génération Game

June 2, at 5: October 19, at 6: December 28, at Is there a way to reverse the commands to get rid of the watermark? December 23, at 6: All of the lights just flash. Would love the ability to play with 2 controllers. I have win 7 ult.

I have the same problem with crysis, my controller works perfectly thanks to the great walkthrough, yet crysis seems to not recognise it as a gamepad, whereas need for speed most wanted does it automatically. June 1, at 3: June 13, at 5: What should i do? I got the program working just fine except for some buttons in game.

Have tried everything i sixaxks to no avai!!!! I guess we should donate something!!!

The site’s mission is and always has been to offer brutally honest coverage of the latest hardware and gadgets with strictly no BS. Hey I had the same problem playtation did, how do I fix it?

July 21, at Ones I open the game, its as if the controller does not exist anymore.

November 6, at Hi Carl, Thanks for your post. Their English is a little choppy, so figuring out the exact method of installing the drivers may be confusing for some. So here is what happened to me.

01 – Resources and Information.

March 18, at 7: I did what yeshua said. It says i should check that the driver is installed. Can someone please help?

I move the analog sticks and the directional buttons but my cursor is in the same place.

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