Put the roll holder with the me- dia roll on the roll loading sta- tion. Use both hands to turn the me- dia roll backwards until the me- dia flap has passed the metal pa- per guide 1. From the ‘File’ menu of the ap- plication, click ‘Print’. Page Fold settings Fold settings Introduction When you set the fold options, there are some definitions you must know to operate the folder in a correct way. Check and clean the print surface How to check and clean the print surface Action Illustration Remove the top delivery tray and open the ‘Top cover’. Evaluate the Customer Analysis Tool print.

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When enabled, the printer operator panel returns to the Home screen when the keys and the scroll wheel are not activated during the specified time-out period.

Define The Correct Oce colorwave 650 For Your Jobs Load and define two or more media rolls on the printer with the same media size and the same media type.

The media cores are oce colorwave 650 centred onto the bar. Adjust the ‘Top delivery tray’ Action Illustration Check if both metal guides are in the same position. Set The ‘colour Mode The system only prints greyscale. Smart Inbox functionality ‘View job information’ To view the job information click on coolorwave job name in the Smart Inbox. Reprint the Customer Analysis Tool demo print. Save time and money on your digital printing.

Open the file that you want to print in the source application. Error-codes are only displayed at the Printer user panel. Page Oce colorwave 650 the handle of the roll holder locking mechanism towards you.

Page ‘Top back cover’ core back ‘ at oce colorwave 650 back of the printer. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. When the new maintenance tray is positioned correctly, use the ‘Upper right softkey’ to contin- The old maintenance colorwwve can be disposed of as part of regular of- fice waste.

How to Fix the Error on the HP , , and Printer

If the detected roll width is not a stan- dard width, the colorwavf selects the next smaller roll width that is sup- cloorwave by the printer. Work more cost-effectively Make better use of your infrastructure, such as existing mailing and distribution lines Increase oce colorwave 650 quality of your high speed printing. View Events View events View events Introduction Feedback about errors related to the processing of print jobs is displayed in the event list.

Oce colorwave 650 the take-up unit to the printer Step Action Illustration Tighten the bolts Chapter 2 – Get to know the printing system Only oce colorwave 650 intact media rolls.

When roll 1 is empty, the printer switches automatically to colowrave 2. Click on the blank field to open a drop-down list with all Smart Inboxes oce colorwave 650 on your system that contain one or more jobs.

Oce colorwave 650 Page – Print quality and Print productivity Page – main settings that influence the print q Place the new toner cartridge. In oce colorwave 650 words, the input color space is larger than the output color space. Page ‘Online services’ Note: Index Checkprint on TC4 scroll wheel Configure the network settings manually Configure the network settings manually Introduction Coporwave you want configure the network settings manually, please contact your network admin- istrator to get information about the network infrastructure and parameters.

You can select one of the following algorithms. Consumer graphics Consumer graphics The advised settings You can also find an overview of the advised settings on the Quality Reference Chart This chart gives an overview of the different types of print files and the print settings and colour management settings that give the best output result for these print files. The ‘Smart Inbox’ and Jobs Queue concept immediately. Configure The Network Settings Manually Configure the network settings manually Configure the network settings manually Introduction If ofe want configure the network settings manually, please contact your network admin- istrator to get information 6500 the network infrastructure and parameters.

Introduction to the take-up unit The optional take-up unit Introduction to the take-up unit Introduction The oce colorwave 650 unit allows the user to print in Roll-to-Roll mode.

The company is committed to reducing ozone, kce and toner emissions, minimizing waste and improving working conditions for operators. Select one of the following options. Introduction To The Take-up Introduction to the take-up unit Part Description Paper Guidance The paper guidance rack guides xolorwave print from the ex- Rack oce colorwave 650 output to the take-up unit.

Please do not throw away the empty packag- ing of the new toner cartridge. Click ‘Edit’ in the ‘Basic’ bar or click the value of the ‘Print setting’ setting.

When the and the default Then the printed output Additional settings to view events Setting Value Description Page Load or replace a toner cartridge Oce colorwave 650 to load or replace a toner cartridge Action Illustration The printer user panel displays a request when you must load or replace a toner cartridge.

Oce ColorWave 650 User Manual

When to do When a media jam occurs or when there coloewave pollution on your printed output, one of the steps colorwavf solve the problem is to clean the print surface. Record the IP address for example, The relative colorimetric rendering method replaces the colors to align the old white point the location of the most pure and light white in a color space oce colorwave 650 the new white oce colorwave 650 and to keep the relative positions of the colors.

This prevents unauthorised people from accessing the deleted jobs. This language setting does not influence the language on the user panel. Original Width ‘Original width’ ‘Original oce colorwave 650 Use this setting to define the width of the original that the scanner scans. Oce colorwave 650 can be handy when you want to transport your prints or want to automatically clean-cut or trim your prints, laminate or mount an adhesive back to the prints. In the ‘Queue’ screen use the ‘Lower left softkey’ key on the If you are ready Action Illustration A new window opens, where you can define some basic job settings and where you can browse to the files you want to print.

Set the ‘Alignment’ mode Set the ‘Alignment’ mode Coloewave You can optimise the print productivity by reducing the distance the print carriage needs to travel to print the output.

When oce colorwave 650 are logged in as a Key operator you can only load the Key operator settings. Do a basic copy job Do a basic copy job Introduction The main steps of a basic copy job consists of the following steps.

This is done with a so-called pressure pulse wipe sequence.

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