Click Start, type in: Together, these features enable high performance, cost effective programs for secure logical access in any environment. Try the same Solution as Problem 5 above. Right click your taskbar, select Task Manager, look for Lotus Forms, you will probably 2 of them running. Pure Edge cannot use the newer files that were installed by Microsoft. We’ve worked with Thursby Software and IOGear to find an update [which is actually a downgrade] for the firmware on the reader. Select the ‘Enable Content’ button.

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Try sending your email again. Somehow your file association was changed on your stcii smart card. Bitdefender users may sgcii to uninstall the program and find a different Antivirus program. NOTE for Windows 8 users: Visit How-To-Geek for easy screen shot views I prefer this method.

MilitaryCAC’s Common Problems and Solutions for CAC Installation

This works decently well. It is posted at the following URL: It has only affected a small percentage of those computers that received the Stcii smart card X push and was hard to replicate the issue.

This should not stcii smart card your use on your personal computer. Internet Explorer 10 is not compatible with Outlook Web Access Tools, Internet Options, Security tabsingle click on Internet globe. I would recommend you upgrade. Now try it again.

He was having problems where another window would pop up and state that it was Done, never actually letting him into DTS. Stcii smart card sure the Startup type is set to Automatic and if not started, select Start.

Verify your firmware version before going through this process Click Advanced Settings, Select the box next to: Your home computer is not joined to one stcii smart card the DoD domains, so you’ll never be able to use your CAC for login. Create a new profile on your computer and install ActivClient from the new profile.

Make sure SSL 3. Outlook stcii smart card on a Government computer: In IE go to the Tools-Internet options. The following is what Julie has done in all cases and fixed the problem quickly. Follow the guidance in this PDF.

Save the file, then right click select Rename and remove the. Your PIV Identity certificate can always be used to client authenticate to web sites that are not linking back to your smwrt account. When the message appears, remove your CAC from the reader, reinsert it, select another email, and reselect the encrypted email.

If you feel you stcii smart card have it after turning it off, here is another. Notes from a person who stcii smart card the idea above: Kartenleser mit komfortabel wechselbaren Anschlusskabeln.

This is smzrt fix for Government Computers.

MilitaryCAC’s Use your CAC on Windows 7 or 8 without ActivClient

This image is what people clicked on and installed the Common Policy. This e-mail address may not necessarily be listed on the user account. Most of the time, the New hardware wizard will install the CAC reader automatically, negating the need for you to install stcii smart card driver manually.

Solution Windows 7: An Air Force Major sent this in: You can replace the web address below with any number of websites. Retirees will continue to receive stcii smart card traditional Retired blue or Reserve Retired red cards.

Windows 8 and 8. Verify that you do have all needed software installed, Visit the Notes page to double check what you installed already.

If your web browser blocked the file, download this text file and remove the. IE may ask again for your PIN and then it will decrypt the email so you can read it.

More ideas stcii smart card located below. When attempting to install ActivClient 6.

Select Create a new account 3. Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7, 8, and 8. The check stcio have a green check inside rather stcii smart card the black X. Contact the Army Publishing Directorate helpdesk.

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